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These are the very best london attractions insider guide from someone who travels in, works in and enjoys London everyday. Enjoying the obvious London attractions like the Tower of London, Westfield shopping and Oxford Street is many peoples aim when visiting. But there are many quieter back lanes and historic buildings of interest just waiting to be discovered.

We are preparing something very special for American visitors to London, a guide of the best bits, made just for you which should be ready by 14 February 2015 - just sign up to the right and we'll keep you updated on progress.>

The US remains the nation that spends the most on trips to the UK. Last year, visitors from the US spent £2.5bn as their love affair with Britain continues, helped by the success of hit dramas like Downton Abbey and Sherlock Stateside. The heritage sites in and outside London are a major attraction.

As site editors we cycle 6 miles across London each day to work and its one of the best ways to learn about the city. Let us take you on a “Virtual Tour” of London to give you some ideas to plan your trip to London.

A tour of the best london attractions that hits the highlights of the city such as it’s outstanding museums or historic castles but also introduces you to the quaint neighborhoods and charming restaurants that make London a world first destination.

Let us be your personal guide, 2015 will be a great year for London.

Walking tours and cycling tours are very popular in 2015 and there are several good guide books to help. We are developing some printable PDFs so you can bring along and follow for free to discover more.

London is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and tour-worthy cities.

A personal guide is invaluable in selecting the very best a city has to offer. A guide can make your trip exactly what you want it to be.

Looking for popular cultural venues for a morning tour followed by lunch in cosy pub right down the street? This is the place to find the best, the most interesting and the most convenient… all from a personal guide’s point of view.

What’s new and popular at the moment in London? Here’s where you’ll find the answer to that question.

It takes someone who truly knows the city to bring you the personal viewpoint on the Best London Attractions you want to see when you visit London.

What is the very best way to see London?

Start here (see below), on this website, and let me guide you to the best attractions as we explore the museums, the galleries, the palaces, the squares and parks and the entertainment options that make London truly unique in all the world.

Start with this first link below. These links are the same as the menu buttons. See you on the next page.

London welcomes you
Latest updates from Best London essential to improve your visit in 2015.
Festivals in London – Fun for All
Festivals in London are quite plentiful; be sure to experience them.
Getting around London - The City is Second to None
For anyone accustomed to the difficulties inherent in getting around London; the city’s efficient and comprehensive systems will be much appreciated.
Airports in London – World Class Conveniences
Airports in London offer many different ways to get from their locations to your central London destinations.
Keeping in Touch - Maintaining Connections while Travelling
Keeping in touch while travelling is a good idea; there is no telling when something might come up at home that needs your attention.
Best Tourist Information for London - Advance Preparations are Key
Some tourist information for London can help you feel more confident and prepared for your adventure in the big city.
Best Palaces in London – See How the Other Half Lived
Going to palaces in London is a great way to get a feel for royal life and to enjoy the magnificent gardens that are often on their grounds.
Free London Museums – Fantastic Options
Finding free London museums is no problem; finding the time to visit them all is the hard part.
Famous Buildings in London – Design and Delight
Famous buildings in London are a great way to experience the best in both architecture and history.
Unmissable London Galleries – Something for Everyone
London galleries are world-class and accessible to all, make sure to put them on your itinerary.
London Parks
London parks and gardens to spend a beautiful day while visiting the city; they are easily as popular with residents as they are with travellers.
Famous London Sights – More than Museums
There are so many famous London sights from which to choose; some are quite unexpected and unusual.
London Churches – Standing the Test of Time
London churches are wonderful places to visit; you can learn so much about the history of the city and its residents from their places of worship.
Walk London A Pedestrian Capital
You can walk London easily; it is an excellent way to get to know the city and its inhabitants.
Best Afternoon Tea in London – A Proper English Tradition
There is nothing in the world like afternoon tea in London; visitors to the city should definitely make the time for this special meal.
Best Shopping in London - A City of Wonders
Shopping in London is a delightful part of visiting the city; there is truly something for everyone in this world-class shopping destination.
Best London Theatre Guide - Let Them Entertain You
A good London theatre guide is important to make sure that you know what to expect when you are selecting the show and the venue you would like to attend.
London Cinemas - The Best and the Most Bizarre
London cinemas frequently offer inexpensive memberships that allow patrons the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets, attend special events, and other such benefits.
Day Trips from London - Escape from the City
There are countless day trips from London, the city is located near many interesting areas and historic towns which await your exploration.
Coolest Sport in London - Get out and Play
Sport in London is plentiful, reasonably priced, and makes a nice change from the normal rounds of shopping and sightseeing.
London Hotels in Films - How Many Can you Spot?
London hotels in films are sometimes just exterior shots that flash by in an instant or they can be as important an element in a movie as the actors and actresses.
Best London vacation apartment rentals
London vacation apartment rentals
Good Restaurants in London – Haute Cuisine for All
There are many good restaurants in London; it has become one of the culinary capitals of the world.
The Best London Pubs – Something to Suit Every Taste
The best London pubs are out there for you to discover; some are fancy, some are plain, but all are welcoming and enjoyable places to spend an evening.
London's Top Style Bars - An Abundance of both Style and Substance
London's top style bars aren’t just about looking good; they offer exclusive sights, sounds, and tastes that you can only find in such top of the line establishments.
Nightclubs in London – Guest Lists and House Parties
For a fun evening out, nightclubs in London can’t be beaten; there is a spot to match almost everyone’s idea of a good time.
London Street Markets - Barrow Boys and Cockney Patter
Visiting London street markets is a delightful way to spend a few days in the city; there are so many to choose from, you will never get bored.
Famous London Residents – Inspired by the City
If you made a list of famous London residents, it would be a tremendously long one.
The Da Vinci Code History - Secrets and Conspiracies Abound
The Da Vinci Code history has been refuted by many Christian organizations around the world who obviously take the novel’s storyline quite literally.
Study in London - Learn English from the English
If you study in London, make sure to get an International Student Card to make your trip more economical, more secure, and much more fun.
2012 Summer Olympics - Competitors Meet in London, the City of Gold
The 2012 Summer Olympics has made London the City of Gold; don’t miss this unique opportunity to join in the Olympic excitement.
London, England Weather - Always Something New
London, England weather can change quickly; a damp and dismal morning can lead to a warm and pleasant afternoon, so be flexible.
London Sports Events - Come See The Show
If you are looking for London sports events, you won't have far to go; the city is crawling with things to see and do for the sporty types.
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London Top Tourist Attractions
Many of the London top tourist attractions are interesting and unusual venues; be sure to make time for them.
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Here is a sitemap for Best London Attractions. Feel free to have a browse through or search for something specific.
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